• Above the line:

- Print Media
- Audio Media
- Ad Campaigns
- Visual Media
- Billboards
Magazine & Newspaper Adverts
Radio Advertising & Copywriting
Concept & Implementation
Storyboards, Digital Presentations & Video Productions
Mobile and Stationary

• Below the line:

- Corporate Identities
- Office Stationery
- Publications
- Marketing Material
- Packaging
- Point of Sale
- Promotional items
- Hospitality items
Logos, Company Profiles, Folders, L/heads, B/cards, etc.
Invoice books. Receipt books, Continuous forms, etc.
Annual Reports, Newsletters, Catalogues, etc.
Brochures, Pamphlets, Sample boxes, etc.
Labels, Neck tags, Boxes & Bottles, etc.
Dumpbins, Table Talkers, Wobblers, Banners, etc.
Posters, Calendars, Diaries, Corporate gifts, etc.
Menus, Wine Lists, Guest Stationery (Laundry lists, etc.)

• Interactive:

- Web Pages
- Banners
- E-mail Teasers
- TV Ads
HTML, Flash or ASP
Gif & Flash
HTML or Flash
Static Image, Animation or Interactive

What we offer

We believe that when clients are given the power to contribute as they wish to their marketing program, results become stronger. Thus we constantly consult our clients to extend their brands by doing the things they can do best themselves (if they wish to), in so doing build their equity in their own brands.

We encourage those who have an interest in the work of the organisation to participate in the planning and execution process. This allows our clients to have an active role in their own brands, the way it should be after all the client knows their own brands better than what we do!


• Strategic marketing
The importance of strategic marketing in the integrated marketing communications process is straight-forward: it points to results.

Strategic Marketing helps you understand your target audiences, so your brand can start to “emotionally connect” with them. By defining what your target market is, you can also anticipate the future environment your organization will be working in. The strategic process involves disciplined consistency, always thinking about the most
important marketing decisions and actions and carrying them throughout creative and design.

Our integrated strategic solutions are based on careful research and long term perspective for our clients brands.

• Branding and positioning
Branding isn’t your logo - it’s the sum-total of all the experiences that happen when your company touches its many audiences. The brand experience that you create is the centre of your business and your only enduring advantage. It is an experience formed by the confluence of three elements: your vision, your truth and the context in which your brand exists.

Branding means omnipresence and recognition. Positioning means value and expectation. To be seen, your brand must be strategically placed in this overcrowded marketplace.

Your brand will be built in a way that connects emotionally with your market. It will touch the heart, mind, emotion and work with the passions that drive all of us. Without this emotional connection, no bridge exists and a relationship never develops.

• Market research
Your target markets’ emotional triggers and their buying habits should never be an intuitive process. When you consider your products’ or services’ potential in a given market, careful research and a defined strategic direction become your keys to success. Our research produces actionable results and helps you narrow your focus by concentrating on the best prospect markets.

Design and Advertising

• Corporate identity
A strong corporate identity is created through the proper use of visual elements, which define and represent what your organisation stands for. Words and images work together to transform a corporate paradigm into a
memorable visual, capable of creating a emotional connection with your target market.

Integrated into every aspect of your marketing communications, an identity starts with a logo and a positioning statement and grows into a array of other guidelines and standards that define the usage of any element connected with the name.

Strong corporate identity, combined with a host of other corporate communication media attract more clients and customers, win their trust and increase brand awareness.

• Content development
Copywriting has a major impact on what people think of you and your company. Good content development is always a priority. Quality copywriting is rarely about volume and mostly about clarity. People need to understand your message and be moved by it to take action. It should compel and sell your product and / or service quickly and consistently. We make sure your content makes an emotional connection, opens the mind, bridges the gap and builds your brand.

• Print advertising
Successful print advertising creates an immediate emotional, call-to-action response as it builds equity in your brand. With the proper frequency and research, the prospective client or customer walks away with your core message and is likely to aggregate value to your brand. We create ads that are not only creatively brilliant but also effective in driving leads and sales for products and services.

• Collateral material
From office stationery, publications, marketing material, packaging, point-of-sale, promotional items to hospitality items. Collateral materials promote, educate sell and inspire.

All the printed material we create and produce, strategically brand your organization to prospective customers, clients and associates.

• Media planning
Identifying the right media for communication is crucial. Understanding target audiences and their segmentation is key to building brand awareness, conversions, transactions and lead generation.

Our results-driven approach to media planning helps you collect and understand your company’s demographical position and rapidly increase the awareness of your campaigns.

We consult with national media buyers to ensure your negotiated rates are the lowest in your industry.

• Radio advertising
With the right focus, SMME’s may find that radio advertising can deliver more clients and customers quicker than they thought possible. Planning is essential when approaching radio advertising. The key is to have a clear understanding of the right market, so the message will be delivered to the right audience.

Many business owners believe that radio advertising is beyond their advertising budget. What few know is that advertising on local stations can be surprisingly affordable. We will help you find the most cost-effective way to reach your audience and increase brand awareness.

• Digital presentations
We create custom presentations utilizing a wide variety of techniques. By using the latest in 3D software, in
conjunction with live action video, we can animate client logs and create characters for their brands.

We also create TV advertisements, demonstrations, training and informational videos for output to DVD, video-tape or internet.